Cloud Technology: Cloud based technology provides amazing benefits for development and for the user through Flexibility, Mobility, Automation, Increased Storage, Reduced Costs and Saved Time, providing free time to concentrate on innovation.
Transportation: As our flagship product, "EDGE" Transportation Management System empowers all onboard customers to provide their team with the tools necessary to better manage day-to-day activities while creating more time for revenue growth opportunities.
Time Saving: The ultimate goal of any system is to provide the user quick enabling tools to be more productive, ultimately creating more revenue generating activities under any timeframe; Quantum keeps that as a forefront to any development.
Ease of Use: Quantum understands this aspect in all software design to make the use of all applications as natural as possible, through user-centered designs focused on user goals and interaction.
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Quantum Edge Technology
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Established in 2010, Quantum Edge is a Logistics and Supply Chain software professional focusing on the North American market.  We specialize in Transportation Management Software modeled for businesses large and small.  Furthermore, we are proud to be listed as service disabled veteran owned small business and, as well, enjoy a 50% U.S. military veteran staff.

In 2011 Quantum Edge completed its first release providing a full suite of tools for supporting Intermodal, Truck and LTL brokerage needs.  This release provided our customers the full service capabilities they needed to manage their supply chain needs.  This years objectives are well underway and expected to conclude in the 4th quarter of this year.  This large scale initiative has built on an already powerful product, largely focusing on logistics efficiency tools, tools we call our AdvantEDGE suite.  The following is a full listing of our AdvantEDGE offerings with most already being leveraged by Edge clients:

Shipment AdvantEDGE

Capacity AdvantEDGE

Carrier AdvantEDGE

Reporting AdvantEDGE

Document AdvantEDGE


Finance AdvantEDGE

Pricing AdvantEDGE

Billing AdvantEDGE

Credit AdvantEDGE

Commissions AdvantEDGE

Future initiatives are already being planned and will include some major leveraging in new technologies for delivering the TMS to our clients, further ensuring our product remains the fastest, most reliable, most available, and most encompassing TMS around.  Additionally, we have heard from our clients and the marketplace, thus several new additions to the Edge product lines will be added in upcoming releases.

Why Choose Quantum Edge?

  • Quantum Edge is a results-oriented, values driven organization with employees that have a proven track record of successful experience in leading logistics information services and managing technology projects dealing with worldwide distribution, transportation and supply chain functions.
  • Our customers are #1.  At Quantum Edge we listen to our customers’ needs and provide quick turnarounds on projects supporting those needs.  We know for a fact our customer service is second to none.  Not just a cliché, but backed up by customer feedback, endorsements and referrals.
  • We are committed to staying at the leading Edge of the available technologies, ensuring our products don’t become inefficient due to lagging in modern technological advances.
  • We have the ability to handle large-scale technology projects and technological know-how for the execution of plans and objectives defined.
  • We are well versed in leading people, projects, processes and programs to ensure profitability and company growth for our customers.